I convert for Kindle, ePub, PDF, Mobi, Kobo, iPad, iPhone, Nook, Android and most other eBook readers.


Kindle, ePub, etc. Formatting-layout of book interior:  This usually includes copyright information, dedication, title page, ISBN, acknowledgments, chapters, TOC. (Table of Contents) About the Author and/or Other Books By Author page.

After I have formatted your book, you will receive: A high quality Kindle (Mobi), ePub, etc. file ready for you to upload to your chosen publisher. (If you would like your ebook in more than one format the cost is £10.00 per extra file.)

Corrections: Although I will correct any spelling or grammatical errors I notice during formatting and inform you of the changes, this is not a full editing service. I will continue to make changes as needed until the final output of the epub ebook is to your satisfaction.

If you would like to see an example of my work, send me two chapters of your book, I will then convert them and send you the file to view.

Books with lots of images, lists, charts, bullet points, please send me details prior to requesting service. (I converted a book to Kindle with over 300 images and every image had to be reformatted.)

What you need to do: First send me an email to let me know your requirements, the present file format of your book, Word, Indesign, etc. Book page count and the end file required, Kindle, ePub, etc. If required, attach your two sample chapters to the email for your sample conversion.

When you are ready to proceed, send me your book file attached to an email. Your book cover in your required publication format. Pay for your conversion. I also offer an eBook cover design service here.

I will acknowledge receipt of your files and payment via email. Depending on the size and complexity of your book, conversion takes a few hours to a couple of days. This is also dependant on my workload at the time as files are converted in the order received but I will inform you of the time scale when you make contact.

Prices are for books up to 300 pages. (Printed page count as in Word, etc.) Books over 300 pages are £6 for each extra 100 pages or part thereof. please Contact me if you are unsure of the cost for your book

Novels - £40

Books with lots of images, lists, charts, bullet points - £80

To make changes to the original file after you have published, spelling, grammar, other changes - £10

I look forward to receiving your manuscript and working with you to achieve your publishing goals.

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