A well-designed cover adds additional value to your book, conveys the book's message and reflects well on the author. An eye-catching book cover will help persuade potential customers to look closer at you book, thus leading to increased sales.

I can create any size book cover and format it to your printer's specification.

I will work closely with you to design a cover that reflects the theme, content, genre and your target audience.

eBook Cover Design - You will receive  your cover in the required size and format for your intended end eReader.

eBook Cover Design Price is £32.00 ($49 approx)

You may already have a cover but just need it converted into the correct format, size, dpi, etc. If so the price for this will be £10.00

Printed Book Full Cover Design - This will include front, back and spine formatted to your book size and page count thickness with a barcode on the back cover if required.

You will receive a single PDF with your full cover ready to send to your printer, a jpeg file and your cover Photoshop PSD file for any future changes you may wish to make. Plus the front cover jpeg for use on Amazon, etc.

You will need to supply Book Title and Subtitle if you have one. Author name. Any images you wish included on the cover. Ideas you have for the design. Price of your book. ISBN for the Barcode if required or the Barcode if you already have one.

If you have created your own full cover and just need it tweaking, contact me for a price.

Printed Book Cover Design Price is £65.00 ($100 approx.)

Barcode - I can create a Barcode for £10.00 but will need your ISBN. A Barcode is needed to sell on Amazon, other internet book sellers and book stores. I can also create Barcodes for you even if I am not formatting your book. Contact me for details with the email heading BARCODE.

A Few Book Cover Examples created with the author's vision and input.

Digital eBook Covers

Beginnings    Priest's Secret

Castle of Fate and Tears    Antarctic Mist

Printed Book Covers

Beginnings Full Cover

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